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Within The Realm

Nov 28, 2022

A tale with a lost opportunity for a college education, a one-way ticket to Flagstaff, Az. and the fate of a planet! Hear the amazing and inspiring  story of Kansas farm boy and astronomer Clyde Tombaugh and the unlikely discovery of Planet X/Pluto! Don't forget to share us with podcast listening friends and leave us...

Nov 21, 2022

Thanksgiving is about family and blessings. Here's a tale from my youth about one of the greatest men I ever knew and the blessing he was to me. This Thanksgiving eat more than you should, hug everyone you know and make sure to get all the gravy you want.

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Nov 9, 2022

Every region of the country has it's take on place names. In Oklahoma, it's a safe bet that our unusual place names had their start as a word in a Native language. Tahlequah, the Capital of the Cherokee Nation, is such a name. There are two stories, which one is right?


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Nov 3, 2022

This is the story of my Great Grandma's casting of her first ballot in 1920. We've come a long way, but sometimes, it seems, not far enough. Listen to our story and get out the vote!

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The Right Direction by Shane Ivers

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